Antonio McLemore is a highly accomplished MBA graduate in Executive Leadership, who drives growth-oriented, national programs initiatives with a focus on providing a Racial diversity, equity, and inclusion lens to community engagement, sustainable strategies, team building, and local/regional network development. He’s a hands-on self-starter who exhibits personal, professional, and academic experience as a dedicated trailblazer, international public speaker, and dedicated advocate towards creating positive change in the community. Antonio McLemore dedicated his life message to sharing his lived experiences to help change the life of the masses. Antonio believes mentorship is the vehicle we use to introduce young people to an idea that’s greater than their realities or circumstances. Mentorship is also a vehicle, Antonio, uses to prepare young Kings/Queens for the world in front of them. Antonio has dedicated his professional life to equipping leaders/educators to establish the behaviors that are consequential to developing a more inclusive space for all staff, students, families, and community. Antonio leads a team of educators that serve thousands of students throughout the U.S. Antonio developed his outcome-driven curriculums to empower, equip, and encourage all leaders to be agents of change in their homes, communities, and organizations. Antonio serves as a sought-after motivational speaker, as well as an influential keynote speaker for character development, social and emotional learning, and professional development in Racial Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. His service in professional development has allowed him to travel the world, places such as New York City, NY, Dubai, UAE, Kolkata, India, and Los Angeles, CA to inspire youth and educators to discover their inner Greatness. He believes every person has a Genius, and this is why Antonio believes the student to Educator/Mentor relationship serves a consequential role in cultivating the character that will sustain every leader's Genius. Antonio is married to his beautiful wife, Katie, and Antonio has two sons, Israel and Legacy.